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Suzanne T

I would love to make this lunch bag for my husband. When I make bags they always end up as knitting project bags....not a bad thing.

Lisa Marie

I have made a lot of tote bags to give as gifts -- fun to make and always appreciated by the recipient. I would love to try this pattern, thanks for the chance to win!


Ive been thinking of making one of these bags. Youve inspired me to give it a try. : ) Thanks


I think this may be the only pattern I havent yet bought from Dog Under my Desk - you are right, her patterns are awesomely written and explained - not to mention fabulous!! I have a tote bag pattern I love to make and carry with me daily, it is my current favorite pattern.

Carla G

I love to make tote bags and reuseable shopping bags (which are a tote bag too). Thanks for a chance to win this great pattern! :)bcgeates at netbistro dot com


I love making any of Erins patterns! Well, really I love making any kind of bag with a zipper. It always makes me happy to finish one for some reason. This lunch bag looks terrific (and I love your instructions for size modification since we have some bento action going on in our house too!). Im crossing my fingers!


Ive not seen this pattern before but it looks great and I have an almost 9yr old asking for a new lunch bag! My favourite type of bag to make is one for me! Last one I made was a Sidekick Tote, thanks for the chance to win

Becky N

Ive not seen this bag before! Its sooo cute!! I love that Erins patterns are so easy to modify, and youre right... the instructions are the best Ive seen!!


The last bag I made was the Zip and Go, love pretty much any bag that comes together so quickly. Love the modifications you made to the lunch bags. Thanks for sharing.


My favorite bag pattern is Erins Two Zip Hipster. I have made so many of those that I have lost count! Lover her Daytripper too!


Love all Erins patterns, and I dont have this one. I think they would make great teacher gifts. And I love your robot fabric.

Lisa E

I like making drawstring bags and putting gifts into them. Thanks for the giveaway.

Tatiana Di Maio

So cute! Nice pattern! I would love to try it!

Karen Lynne

I love making handbags. I prefer ones that zip or close in some other secure manner. I really like these lunch bags! Very nice.

Meg S.

My favorite bag to make is a wristlet. Its a quick project, and I love having lots of colors to choose from. Of course, my favorite pattern is from Dog Under My Desk.


Looks like you have some great ideas for larger bag and how to individualize them.... Ive yet to make a lunch bag but yours are inspiring


Tote bags!

Julie Crooks

Great modifications! I really like making Japanese Knot Bags because they are quick. But I love making any of Erins things as gifts - they are always adored!

Laura Shears

So cute! and so handy! What great ideas!


I love making zippered pouches. Also, knapsack type purses are fun to make. Love this lunch bag, though!!

Linda Sorensen

Love the re-usable lunch sack concept and these are cute. I use ProCare food-safe waterproof lining for sacks like these. It is available from http://www.candleonthehill.net/store/catalog.php?item=157and I am sure other sources as well. PUL, although readily available, is not certified as food safe.That said - thank you for another great lunch sack option.I do hope I win! lmsorensen@true802.ca


I LOVE to make Tote Bags - large ones are practical - small ones are cute! I think the lunch bags are adorable! Thank you for the design! Faith.

A Cat In The Bag

Ive only ever made one bag before - a cross between a messenger bag and a tote bag.My sister has been looking to buy a lunch bag but hasnt found one that she likes yet. I think this would be perfect especially with in a large size.

katy tarzia

I love to make pouch and wristlets - very practical- like the essencial wristlet from Erin.

Susan T

The only bag Ive ever made is Erins two-zip hipster and it came out great. So I guess that is my favorite.suzthorn@yahoo.com

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