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I think every other square, that way it doesnt get too overwhelming with all those beautiful colors


I like what you have, but it depends on how "soft" you want this quilt to be. Less quilting=softer, and more quilting=sturdier. Another consideration is the size (I dont really have a clue, but Im thinking its smaller). And lastly--are you just ready to be done?I would trend to quilting every square, but thats just my preference. My quilts hang around for a very long time and I need them to stay together.I loved seeing all your projects--theres something so nice about the possibilities in a stack of fabrics!Elizabeth E.opquilt.com

Marsha Cooper

I think the lines in every other line looks really good.I finally have all of the half square triangles made for the quilt top I am working on during sewing club at church.


Phew that is a lot of HSTs! I had to make 480 for the quilt top I just finished, but made them one block at a time. Your Just Colors quilt is so pretty, I think it looks good now.

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