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Most of all, enjoy your first Christmas with your little one. The knitting will still be there when you have the time. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


You are nuts! (in an awesome way!)Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, 2008 was great, strive for an even better 2009.


I hear you! I'm almost there too, but my husbands stuff won't be finished until after Christmas. I've already warned him that he will be getting some WIPs instead of FOs.


Take a deep breath, have some spiked 'nog, and get done what you get done. :)


Wow! I'm super impressed that you finished what you did!! Mine is 16 mos and still won't have a stocking this year. Merry Christmas!


Don't stress the knitting. You've done a great job already getting anything done! Take time to relax and enjoy your baby's first Christmas.

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Enjoy yourself!! People are just happy to be together!! :) Love you! Miss you! Wish I could be there!!!!

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