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I am so happy for you!!! I can't wait for our little girl. Only 7 more weeks. She has been such a pill tonight pushing and stretching and causing her mom much pain. :) I've been in tears all night. I can't wait to get her out.


Congrats! All that matters is that she is healthy!


Congratulations, Jenn! She's just beautiful.


Congratulations to you and your new family, Jenn! It looks like she's already smiling!!


Congratulations!! She's beautiful, Jenn. I'm so happy for you!


Congratulations! God's blessings on your new family.


Congratulations! What a happy happy day, week, month, year!


Congratulations! She is gorgeous! Glad all are well and happy.




Congratulations!! Welcome to the world Bambino.

Michelle D.

Congratulations Jenn, she is a beauty! All the best to you and your husband. When I saw the first photo of her it reminded me of my son and thought she must be a 9 or 10 pounder. We had a 101b 10oz boy and we also had the "celebrity status" at the hospital. Funny in a way isn't it? Again she is beautiful, take care.


Congratulations! No matter how it happened you ended up with a healthy baby girl. I hope you are taking some time to heal yourself.Looking forward to more pictures when you have the time! (As for the not sleeping on her own, have you tried swaddling her? Kaya LOVED the Miracle Blanket.)


She's beautiful! Congratulations

Jen da Purse Ho

such a beautiful baby!!!!!!!! congrats on doing such a good job. :)


Congratulations on your beautiful little baby!


Ooooohhh, congratulations!!!! I'm sure the scary parts of the birth are more than worth it now. She's adorable!!!! I'm so happy for you!


Oh Jenn! Thank goodness you posted...I was getting worried! Doesn't that c-section recovery just suck?!?Congratulations on your amazingly beautiful little girl. She is wonderful and I am just so happy for you! And wowza, 9 pounds! My little guy is a month old and just made it to 7 lbs, 5 oz as of yesterday.


Congratulations on your beautiful girl!


She is beautiful! Great job, momma! congratulations!


Congratulations on such a beautiful baby girl. It is never the weight of the baby that counts, it is actually the size of the head. I had a 9'2 baby girl and she was the easiest labour I ever had. My son was 7'9 and the absolute hardest labour which went very painfully along. His head was a lot rounder and he didnt want to come out but eventually did. I think as long as everyone is healthy at the end it doesnt matter how the birth goes. I am sure that you will be able to move around after a while and not feel so sore too. She is a gorgeous little girl.

Quilting Girl

Jenn,Congrats!! She is just so cute :) Things will get easier over time...glad to hear you got some sleep!! Miss ya

f. pea

Yaay! Welcome, baby!


She's gorgeous! Congratulations. :)


this made me all teary! CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Congratulations! She's beautiful. Take care!

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