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Wow, you've gotten so much done! I feel like a slacker!


Woman, I hear you and hear you and hear you. So many things to do before a baby comes! You would think I'd be able to relax since we've done it all before, but there are still a million things to square away. FYI, a crib is actually quite easy to put together. I assembled ours all by myself when I was 8 months pregnant and it only took about 10 minutes.

Longhorn Diva

I say never apologize...especially when you've got the great and convenient excuse of growing a higher life-form. Welcome back!


No apologies needed!You guys have been BUSY. Wow. That is a cute washcloth. :D


I agree with everyone else. There is no need to apologize for anything. Even if you weren't pregnant :) I stopped saying I was sorry for that a long time ago.


You are having a baby, working on the house, doing school plans, taking trips and you got that much done? The accounting business is slow in the summer and other than working a bit everyday I do nothing but knit and blog and...that's it. You don't need to apologize, I need to figure out what my excuse is!

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