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What are you talking about? Those sock pairs look great together. No second socks needed!


Ha Ha I'm with Theresa. It's incrdible to me how much knitting you get done every month. Plus your stuff looks so nice. I'm looking at my feet right now, and my latest socks are so droopy.


Ok, I'm impressed by how much of your March goals you achieved!! And like Caroline, I'm boggled by how much knitting you get done each month. How do you manage it?

Longhorn Diva

Welcome back! I'm with Theresa though - feet are like identical twins: spooky when dressed alike. (Never mind me. I don't know what I am talking about.)But they're real pretty!


I love your goal posts (har har). I'm a list kinda girl, for sure. Good luck with April :)


Good luck! I hope you finished your gift in time.

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