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Don't forget at least one day to just relax!


Wait, is Sock Madness even on your March goals???


Oh, gosh. Hang in there!! Break is coming soon!

Longhorn Diva

Lol! You're a stitch. :) Har har...And I just made my first two quilts!!! Okay, baby quilts, but I am tacking down the final section of binding on the 2nd one (the bit you have to hand sew) and then I am done! Spring Break! Spring Break!


LAUGHING SO HARD I'm about to wet my pants.... can't wait to hear how spring break really goes.... you are precious.


Yay! We made it to Spring Break. Your idea of a sucky month and mine are completely different. It sounds to me like you got a lot of stuff completeld during February. All I did was cast on and then unravel over and over again.

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