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That's a great list of goals! Good work on getting January's list done. I love making lists of goals. It always makes me feel powerful, positive, and industrious. I think I'll start a monthly list of goals, too, in addition to the weekly "to do" list I keep and the yearly goals. It'll keep both of the other lists going! Good luck with February and I can't wait to see your new progress!


I always feel like such a slacker when I read your goals and accomplishments - wow!!


You've made a lot of progress! I'm always amazed at the number of projects you've got in progress at the same time. Good luck for Feb!


What an incredible list of goals!. I'm happy just to to wake up and get to work on time ;)


I really should take a page out of your book on the knitting goals thing. Then maybe I'd actually finish something bigger than a hat. I am filled with admiration!


Wow! My head is spinning after reading your list of goals. You are awesome! I try to plan my knitting, but stuff keeps getting in the way. You inspire me to try again.


I know you finished your Zuluknitty socks cuz I saw you wearing them on Saturday!!!!! Maybe I will start mine sometime soon :)

f. pea

Holy crap! Girl, you sure can knit. If I knit that much I'd have to quit my job and get synthetic wrists put in. Way to rock the yarn!!!


Wow! I'm having trouble reaching just one goal...

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