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There must be a chill in that Texas air . . . You are using sock yarn for these, right? I think that's perfect for Socktoberfest.


Hee. I thought I was the only one living in scarf heaven. This summer I was knitting with some friends who were being nice and encouraging about how far I've come since learning to knit, and one of them said, yeah, you know, when you're a beginner, all you can do is scarves. And I just cracked up, because I have four or five scarves on needles.


I have some yarn I was thinking of using for isobel, I'm glad to hear you like the pattern.


I love scarves! No shame in it. And by the way, noro? Spit splices. You should try that!


I have totally been wanting to make that brooklyntweed scarf. I'm going to a small fiber fest this weekend, so let's see if some Noro jumps into my bag. Love the other two scarves as well!!


I have a little scarftober going on too! You have some pretty starts!


Beautiful scarves. Don't you agree that even in the warm winters we have here in Texas, a long, skinny scarf and jeans jacket always look chic? These will be a joy to wear!


Beautiful scarves! I think it must be scarf season, because I'm knitting two myself!

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