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Katie K

I don't think it works.


eh. I don't care for the color combo.


It's not working for me. IF the greens in the two were close - maybe.


I don't know. It's not really working for me either. That is a beautiful blue, it may look better with another jewel tone.


Sorry, but not to my taste. However, if you are planning to wear a bright blue top with khaki pants and want something to tie it all together, there it is.


The color reminds me of Ron's mom would where in Harry Potter. It reminds me of the sweater in CHarmed Knits......Amanda


I like it. I think it's nice and stripey - very collegiate.


I like both colors individually, but not together.


I like it . . . but then again, I've never considered myself to have a good sense of color combos. ;) But I do like it!!


I like it!


I think it is too stripey too. Not in the spirit of the chevron scarf style. I think maybe you want less contrast and more complimentary colors. Know what I mean? I haven't started one yet - I need to buy the book yet, then will be on to choosing colors. Good luck!

Longhorn Diva

I think I agree with the crowd here, Jenn - I'm not on top of the combo, but either one with another yarn tha thas less contrast to it might be amazing...even a semi-solid might work? Good luck!I've long been considering this one too...but my psyche can't stand to cast on another right now.


I really dislike it, I'm sorry to say... just way too much contrast. I like that darker skein though... maybe something closer to that for your second skein?


The color combo is not doing much for me, sorry to say. I like either one by itself, though.


I have to agree, the color combo isn't quite striking enough.

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