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Wow, lots of sweaters! I love the colors in your Devon.


I can't wait to see the progress on everything. I attemtped the Buttony sweater. I ripped it and used the yarn for Juliet from Zephyr Style. I still really like the sweater though.


You are always working on so many things!!


Congratulations on your kitchen, and I hope those final contractor issues are worked out soon.Thank you for sending a 90 degree day this way. I'll take it over the damp fall days that give me headaches. I still want to knit sweaters really badly too (yarn is on backorder) so I'll live vicariously through you for now.


What knitting technique do you use--picking, throwing, magic? I am truly impressed with not only how many projects you start, but how many you actually seem to be able to finish in a timeframe measured in something less than years. And they're all gonna look great, too!


So many cool projects!


Now I don't feel nearly so guilty for all my new starts...

Leigh Ann

I love your sweaters! And I love Monk what a cool sweater to make for you guy.And I am glad I am not the only one with multiple projects on the go.

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