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Jen Da Purse Ho

dude your shoes are crumbling! i'm sorry both of your shoes fell apart. it makes a great story though. :)


You know the whole time I was reading this all I could think was "You stand around in heels and teach little kids all day?? Insanity!"

Katie K

They're still selling sandals here in NYC. Come visit!


Wow, very odd! Good luck finding something new...I, too, am seeking a brown sandal-like shoe for a wedding this month and can't find squat. Let me know if you come across something online!


WEIRD. Time to hunt online?! Clearance shoes?


Wow. That's just not right. But at least you're going to get some new shoes!


Wow, what are the odds? But try Zappos--they currently have 1900+ pairs of sandals to choose from (and free shipping!) I love Zappos!!http://www.zappos.com/n/es/d/722000279/sn/1/page/1.html


Hee hee (I can't stop giggling), that is awfully strange! Hope you're able to find shoes to your liking - who knows, maybe you'll find some clearance for fall stuff!


Yikes! Is there some gremlin in your classroom that is causing all your shoes to break? I hope you find something to replace them soon. I hate wearing closed shoes until I absolutely have to.


zappos.comshoes.com etc etc etc...macy's clearance sale.jcpenney saleetc etc etc


Just the laugh I needed today--thanks! ;-) And good luck finding open toed shoes. I was looking for my MIL last week and found nuthin.

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