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Katie K

Here's a link to a wonderful site which tells the yardage you will need for making various triangle shawls:http://simpleknits.blogspot.com/2007/08/296-triangle-shawl-patterns.htmlSome of them use very little yardage. Branching Out, wrist warmers and hats are other options.


LOL about the post title!! Great deal on the Lion Wool!


Dang, must be a Texas-only clearance sale because my Michael's still has Lion wool at regular price. Poop!


I hope you get more knitting time soon. How frustrating to have that great yarn and not be able to start on it. I think the yarn purchases go up proportionally to how much less time you have to knit...I second the wristwarmers suggestion. Maybe if you double the yarn, you'd have the right thickness for a calorimetry for a present?

Abby Wilde

I got randomly egged by a few teenagers in a car the other day, and had to restrain my self from shouting "Run-by Fruiting!" as they were neither running, nor were they lobbing eggs. That's my pointless story. Kudos on the yarn score ;).

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