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Bummer - so disappointing to do all that work and end up with something you're not happy with. Sleep on it -- there may be some way to fix it.


I hate it when that happens.


I wish it were possible to have the magical vision needed to see what a WIP will look like when finished, so that you could have ripped sooner. The again, some designs will never look good, regardless of what size you make. At least you found out you like that yarn!


Very disappointing. I've had several of those types of disappointing projects lately, so you're not alone.


That is too bad! All that work!However, I was a seamstress before I became a knitter, and I think I know how you can fix it; is there any way you can block the heck out of the ribbed section? The rest of the sweater wouldn't bulge if the ribbing were loosened. Then, once the ribbing's loosened enough, if you still think it's too "bulgy" on the top, hand sew in some darts with the leftover yarn. I think you can easily find instructions about darts on the web. You'd be surprised how awesome darts can make a top look!Hope you can salvage your beautiful work!


Sweaters are always a crapshoot!! I feel so lucky and blessed when they fit! Before ripping, I would try what Rachel said - Block out the ribbing so it doesn't pull in and see what happens. I bet it feels oh so soft with the cotton/rayon/silk and the soft pink is wonderful - good luck!!


Oh no! I'm so sorry it didn't turn out they way you would have liked.


Hmmmm. Yeah, I have to agree, it's not the most flattering garment. Pretty, yes, but if I were you I'd probably wait a bit to ease the pain and then rip that sucker. The yarn is too nice to just sit in your closet forever.


What a nuisance, after all that knitting! I was going to suggest you wear a blazer over it, that would hide the extra room in the back... but then Rachel's advice is so wise I think I'll just shut up now! Commiserations anyway.


That is the worst - all the work and no good outcome. Found you from Ravelry as we apparently have similar tastes in patterns - you do have great taste I must say!


Ugh! That's too bad. Maybe if you wore a shirt underneath it would minimize it a bit?


hmm, if Rachel's advise doesn't work, it looks to me like the back non-ribbed part is too long for you, if that's separate, can you knit it a bit shorter? maybe the whole thing should be 'shorter' in teh shoulder area (but then that would mess up the sleeve fit, right). oh, sorry it's such a pain. all that pretty work.


That's so sad. But ripping might be the better part of valor here. It's a lovely color yarn.

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