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You're not the only dork!


Wow! I could have not been further from right! LOL


Don't you just love the Behr paints! I just did three rooms over two weeks in our house with it and LOVE how it stands up. I looked at the green for our guest room but went with "Ocean Ridge". Way to go on the whole kitchen re-model - you're a better person that I am for taking that on!


So pretty!!! I love the green!!!


Cool - I like your shade of green. We have probably five different shades of green all through the house. The kitchen one is a sort of sagey color - can't think of the name off the top of my head. I think it's so calming and natural.


That's a great name for a color. Have at the film!


You are definitely not the only Dork. In fact another knitting buddy and my son and I were perhaps at the same theater you were...the Rave? There were a LOT of Dorks there.Also painting...my entry hall. Have about 15 sample swatches up there and still haven't found "the one". Found that Behr paint base has a blueish cast whereas the Lowe's brand is more neutral, matched to the same color chip. Ask me how I know.

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