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I am truly impressed with all the progress you've been making, despite the bout of startitis. (And everything looks lovely, too!) Me, I've been having trouble finding time to knit more than a couple rows or rounds at a time, even on socks. Maybe I need to start more new projects. Yeah, that's it...


I know I CAN try on top-down things as they go, but somehow after I do they never make it back to the needles. So I feel your Tivoli pain.


Very lovely projects! If you had to choose one to be done by the time school starts, which would you like to have done?


I think I need a scorecard...


Very nice things you've got there! I always have this irresistible urge to cast on at least five sweaters at once, but I try to maintain my sanity by only doing one or two. Sock knitting keeps me happy for the quick fix!Lovely, lovely stuff! I love reading your blog, because you find the nicest sweater patterns.


Your projects are looking wonderful!!!

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