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You have my sympathies! We are going through a similar situation and costs came back over double what we were told. Your comment about hemmoraging money is right on the mark!!! Pretty FOs -- what would we do without knitting in times like these?! :)


Such pretty FOs! I'm looking forward to your kitchen update. I'm remodeling vicariously through you.

Longhorn Diva

Great FO's! Good luck on the kitchen, too. ;)


Yup, the "Only costs $xxx dollars" Sure adds up fast!


The daisy hat is sooo cute!!! I hear you on the "it only costs $$$" thing!


Cute projects! Hmm, maybe those need to be display socks. ;)


These really are cute projects! And I hear you on 1) buying nonsuperwash sock yarn 2) actually knitting said yarn. Why!?! I don't know. But guilty as charged, too.And don't you love the "only" stuff? :P


Love that yarn shop! I was in there just last Saturday to get my Addi 000's. Will try to remember to ask if you're there the next time I go.Have never done a kitchen remodeling. We remodeled the bathroom in the old house when the girls were little. The *only* bathroom. I'll spare you the details.

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