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Enjoy your vacation! It's so much easier to clean when the house is empty. Glad you indulged in some yarn:)


Heh, it's only bad when you start having those conversations and you DON'T have pets to pretend to be talking to. :)


Enjoy the vacation and relax! As for the yarn purchases, do what I do. "Oh that? I've had it for a long time. You probably just don't remember seeing it before." I don't think he fully believes me, but he has enough doubt to make him not question it.


I like Jennifers answer...I must remember that when I am asked "where did that come from"


There is always the yarn fairy to blame...:)I only have a betta fish to talk to when my hubby is gone- a dog or cat would be much more sufficient! Enjoy your vacation!


well, you can say it came from your mom along with box of yarn on it's way as of yesterday. so knit up my sweater, chica... good excuse to avoid housework.


Maybe you can say the Nacho Man brought the yarn!!! Enjoy your vacation, and try not to feel too lonely. They'll be home soon!!

ms. pea

In our house we have a "no guilt" policy. Chances are, if you should feel guilty about buying something, you already do. No snarky comments necessary! It means I have to bite my lip regarding the towering stacks of books though (I'm trying, I really am).


I wish I liked hordes of kids because then I'd get a job in a school library and have the summer off too! I'm totally jealous of your long vacation. Enjoy it! Cleaning, schmeaning. Who needs it?


"Oh, this yarn? It's been in my stash forever! Don't you remember?":)


Hope your vacation is terrific! Is cleaning allowed when you are on vacation? I know yarn buying is allowed. The explanation for the new yarn is, "Oh this is so old I had to run the vacuum hose over it before I could use it."

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