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I love the pink socks...pattern looks very interesting..weird but, I can't knit with the 5 needles I love the 4 needles....


Wow, everything looks so fun and exciting! I am getting so sick of my self-imposed "have to finish at least one WIP before I can cast on for anything new" thing. Sucks sucks sucks. Glad you've been having fun!!

ms. pea

ha! you broke a needle halfway through the previews!!?! why does that remind me of the ski race scene in "better off dead" when john cusack races the bad guy on one ski?

Jen da Purse Ho

WOW! so many started in a few days! that's awesome! what yarn shop do you knit for? they are lucky to have you. :)

HPNY Knits

that is great. I have a few projects I want to start, I guess I should "just do it"!!its fun to "have to" start new ones.:-)


You know, I have that exact same color of Trekking, and it never occurred to me to knit socks for my hubby with it! (He's just so BORING with his choice of sock colors!) Hmmmmmm.Have you ever tried using metal needles for socks? I personally can't understand why anyone likes bamboo needles, but perhaps I'm just a loony!


Great starts! I took 6 boys to see Surf's Up this weekend and brought my socks - I had to keep getting up and run to the hallway for light - I think people must have thought I was going to the bathroom over and over again!

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