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Hang in there!


It really is going to be gorgeous when it's done...it's the in-between that just drives you nuts, isn't it?! Deep breaths...


Aw, so supportive of your husband... Hee hee - I see that you and Stephanie are supporting each other during your respective kitchen construction ordeals.


I feel for you, in multiple ways. We redid just our countertops, sink and cooktop last year, and that was a huge mess. So I shudder for your more wide-spread mess! It really WILL be worth it, though, when it's finished.And I'm just a little north of you, in Southlake, building my own ark. My butterfly bush appears to have finally given up the ghost -- can bushes actually drown?Imagining the construction mess AND the excess rain mess...I feel VERY sorry for you!


Nothing like a good "i told you so" to make one feel better. Keep your chin up!


I don't envy you right now but I can't wait to see what it looks like in the end. Keep your eyes on the prize!! :) (Yeah I know it's a cheesy saying but it made you smile I'm sure.)


It's gonna look so great! Keep up with the pics!!


Ha ha! Don't worry, it will all be over eventually! Hope the dust doesn't lodge in your yarn - um throat!


I think you enter a time-warp whenever you atart a renovation. Time expands so that it seems twice as long as it actually is!

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