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Fun! Plus, I had to comment, since your post popped up between me looking at your last post and commenting on it!


Wow! We're totally in the same boat. The end of week one of a total kitchen re-do. Good luck with yours!


Yeah, it's hell when it's going on. But it will all be worth it in the end. :) I look forward to seeing new kitchens for both you and Stephanie!!


Uh oh. Renos can be really annoying. But you have knitting. and you rblog. feel free to vent at any time. we'll allbe laughing , ummm, WITH you. Yeah, that's right....sort of thank goodness it's not me, kind of laughter....


HOW EXCITING!! I can't wait to see how it comes out. We are wishing we could do the same thing, but alas, I have spent all our money on yarn.


Just keep telling yourself how great it will be when it's done. And you may want to get some kneepads for dishwashing. ;o)


Ooh, good luck! I know it'll all be worth it... may the getting there be as bump-free as possible.


Good luck! Um, there's another knitblogger redoing her kitchen right now, but I can't remember who!

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