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How can you be bored with such pretty colors? Must be time for a radical departure.


Oh my. This is bad. I hate it when I have projects hanging over my head that I don't want to knit. (FLAK anyone?) I'm through one repeat on Embossed Leaves and I'm wishing I had some boring stockinette to knit.


You can do it! I believe!!


What the socks don't know won't hurt them. After all, they are socks;) I have one lonely sock neglected in the sockfish...sigh. I admire your resolve to knit on!


Whew, that's a tall order! Socks may be small, but so many stitches. Don't be too hard on yourself if you don't finish two pairs! Yeah for your new summer project. You'll get lots of wear out of that one for sure!


You can do it. That is what I tell myself too----I have three pair going right now and I keep looking at my new yarn and my new sock book and really want to start the New England socks from Knitting on the Road, but wait I really should finish the mates to the ones I have started.

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