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There is something so satisfying about ripping those projects and having them GONE!!!I'm in a finishing mode too,(we are leaving on a road trip in less than 2 weeks and I want to start fresh projects then) I don't think I'm going to get even close~


You know, I think your socks look like "berry pie". Summertime is a great time to eat pies, after all! I love making pies with raspberries, blueberries, etc.


Congratulations on being so close to your goal of 2pr. of socks a month -- that's great! It feels so good to empty the WIPs, doesn't it? Maybe it's a spring thing, out with the old and in with the new projects. I've got one left from last year now to do, and thankfully, it's a cotton project, so hopefully I can wear it *this* year, LOL.The pirate hat looks great!!


Congrats on emptying the WIP basket - you have to get it while the mood is right, or it'll never happen. Do you think the Regia Bamboo would good for a guy who thinks his feet get too hot? And when are you coming to San Diego to visit?


Pretty bamboo socks! Would they be good when it's a little too warm for wool? Hope you clear your WIPs. I get that urge to clear the decks occasionally, but it never seems to last long.


The socks look great. I should pull my Regia Bamboo out.Ok, if you don't have any desire to cast on, how are you going to use up more skeins??


Lovely socks! I'm feeling the same way about my WIPs and summer knits. I'm giving in to the finishing spirit through the month of April and will cast on a summer knit in May.

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