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I'm always so afraid to run out of yarn I end up with odds and ends skeins I don't know what to do with. I love the color on your hourglass. Those sleeves are very cool.


How frustrating!! It looks great though - hopefully the yarn will arrive soon and you'll be wearing it before you know it!


I hate running out of yarn. It's a great sweater though. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my book so I can order yarn (like I need another WIP). Which of the KnitPicks yarns are you using?

ms. pea

Jinkies, Scoob!


Well - so far it looks beautiful!! Let's just hope the skein they send is the same color....I had one major dyelot mishap on a sweater (not with KnitPicks though)- BLAHHH!


What a bummer! I'm always worried about that when I order yarn online and can't just run down the road for more yarn. I ended up with 2.5 extra skeins for my Nantucket Jacket! Whoops! Can you say "overcompensation"?The good news is, it will look great when it's all finished!


If it's any consolation, it fits great.


Oh, being short of yarn is the worst! The wait will be worth it though. It looks gorgeous.


Wow, you must be really close, because it looks done in the picture!

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