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Really pretty. The neckline looks nice more "open". If it turns out your straps migrate out, you can always sew little ribbons with snaps on the shoulders (some nicer ready-made clothes have this) - or adopt the attitude of some younger (than me) women & act like they're supposed to show.


Fabulous color on you. Really came out nice. I'll have to get more of that Andean silk!


Your Hourglass is beautiful, Jenn! I'm thrilled to hear you like the Andean Silk - I have a sweater's worth of it in "Slate" that I haven't dipped into yet!


Fantastic! I love the color too.

Mary G

I think you're right -- I'm going to have to knit this one. I love the color and the silk hangs very nicely.GOOD JOB!


Love. It. The color and fit are great. I just sewed a hem down leaving the stitches on a needle instead of putting on waste yarn. What a pain. You're right: the waste yarn is a lifesaver.


It's gorgeous! I know I love mine, too. I added MORE decreases because I'd read that the neck was really open as written. And I picked up stitches from the inside of the sweater and did a 3-needle bind off instead of sewing down the neckline - I'm lazy that way. :)


This is really nice. I've got one of these on my list of things to knit, but, sadly, there are quite a few things ahead of it. I love the way this hangs on you and the color is great!


Your hourglass turned out fabulous! Love the color as well. And thanks for the yarn recommendation!


Gorgeous! It's definitely on my "to knit" list. I may have to bump it up the list!


Looks gorgeous Jen!Love the color.I say wear a strapless bra and go all Flashdance like when you were a teen.You know you want to!LOL!(I project onto others what I would do.Can you tell?)

Longhorn Diva

So very pretty! Color, neckline, drape. Congrats!...are you wearing it to the YE sale? lol

ms. pea

Mucho fantastico! (That's my extremelly fluent Spanish for "extremely fantastic")


Looks lovely! And glad to hear it was easy to sew down the hem. I'm about to face that as well, and I usually knit mine down.


YAY! It looks so good on you!! I really want to make one someday.

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