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I think I would almost be relieved to be out of THAT competition - way too much stress for me!You've got quite a big WIP/upcoming project schedule...Have Fun!!


As much as I thrill to the chase, I couldn't handle the pressure of Sock Madness right now.That Hourglass sweater, though .... oh, how I need something bright and juicy like that to knit.


Your Hourglass is SO pretty. I have to say, I've sort of abandoned my Hourglass. After all the plain stockinette I did during Bar Exam Study Hell, I am not sure I can face that much more of it. Bring on the cables, baby! :)A sweater a month? I think I could only do that if newborn sweaters counted. Hah!

ms. pea

Sweater-a-month knitalong! Good God, woman!!


Sorry to hear about your sock frogging. I really like your Hourglass. So much in fact that I think I'm going to have to buy the book.


That is going to be a fun Hourglass! I'm with you - why bother knitting socks if they aren't going to fit? I do a lot more ripping these days and it's all for the better.


Wow, you have been busy!I can't wait to see hourglass finished. I was thinking of trying a similar pattern with lion brand's thick and quick yarn. Sorry to keep bothering you for patterns, but do you mind saying where you got yours?

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