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hehe, one eared dave.... hehehhe TGIFridays.... heheehehe


I sleep like that (on my side only... I used to sleep on my stomach, but then I had kids... it just hurts my back now). I never would've guessed there were others that did it that way.


I'm a side sleeper too. Even bought a special "side sleeper" pillow at Bed Bath and Beyond so I don't get neckaches like I used to.You figured yourself out right after graduation? Wow. You were about 10 years ahead of me.


Sleeping like that: Yep, me too.PB, no J? Yep again (and I thought I might very well be the only one) -- it's a texture thing on the jelly.


One Eared Dave... HAH. I'll be snickering over that all day.Poor Dave.


I have to sleep with the one leg up too! Kinda difficult in a full sized bed with my hubby who demands sleeping in the middle of the bed...


I sleep that way too. Hope your knitting mojo returns soon. I've been finding myself knitting a round, staring at the TV, knitting a round, repeat.


aaah, the missing knitting mojo. Where does it go? Maybe one eared Dave has it. Thanks for sharing those interesting things, heh.


I love the sleep quirks. I think everyone has 'em.Welcome to the KAL -- maybe it will help with your mojo!


Hmm, someone I read just got back her mojo - I bet she stole yours!

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