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I'm in!!! I plan on making myself a pair of socks the color of green anoles! All for MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!


Oh, what a great idea! Please sign me up! I am working on a green cardi for myself.


I have two sweaters that I need to finish and they are for me me me - I am in!


I love the To Me From Me tag! After knitting for everyone else, I am ready to knit for me...please add me to the group!


Drat...I forgot to say that I NEED a mini Clapotis for ME...and that is just for starters.


I'd love join the KAL please. I've already cast on for a pair of socks for me (Dec 23 after I finished all the Christmas knitting) and hope to get 3 or 4 pairs done before the end of Feb.


Count me in! I am going to finish a seamless sweater- a la E.Z.- in a periwinkle color. All for Moi!


I am so in! I want to knit Eunny's Fair Isle sweater and a pair of socks for me. Oh and the Emerald sweater from knitty. Boy the list could go on and on.


I'm so freaking determined to finish my Noro Scarf....


Oh yes yes yes yes yes, I'll play!!! I'm still working on finishing my Christmas 2006 gifts . . . . but I did cast-on some socks for me on Christmas morning with new sock yarn Santa brought!! That will be my first project - I'm also starting the Bejeweled KAL on New Year's Day and that will be for me also. And I'm sure I'll throw in a few more, I've got a bunch of greedy "for me" WIPs I need to finish off. :)


I'm so there. I'll start with my long-neglected Denim Aran Cardigan. But I reserve the right to add as many things for me as I want!


Me too! Me too! I'm starting with a matching moebius and hat (it's winter in New England, and I somehow do not own a hat), then the plan is to finish Samus for myself, and then maybe socks or the Ribby Cardi or something else entirely. Or maybe I'll deviate from plan and head in another direction. But I am absolutely going to be focusing on knitting for ME!


Okay, count me in! I have some UFO's, but why not use this as an excuse to start another project?


I'm in too. I have sooo many UFO that are for mememememe. I have been chugging along on them diligently the moment I finished the obligate Christmas knitting. (I still have one item to finish for DH, but he can wait...)


A great idea! I'll join in and finish my "Something Red" sweater in blue. WOW, the thought of knitting something for myself....


I want to join! Just don't know what to make- socks maybe?


Is it too late to join? First thing next year (well, monday) I'll be knitting myself a pair of walking away socks.


Yuppers I am in for sure! I have a felted black purse to knit up, and I am gonna learn how to knit me up some socks for my feets!! count me in.

Abigail 1870 pearl

Oh, do sign me up. It's time for me, me, me, me:D I want some socks - lot's of socks, for me.Great idea!


Please let me join! Since Christmas Day I finished sock one of a pair that I started before the holiday knitting, and sock two is ready for the heel flap. Then there's Icarus, then more socks for me!


I'd like to join! I'll be knitting myself a Wobbly Tote, I've been meaning to do this for months.


I'd like to join in! I'm going to make myself a pair of socks.


I love this!I never make anything for me!I want to knit some Monkey socks and some fingerless mitts.Maybe more but thats a start.

Karla (ThreadBndr)

Looks like blogger ate my post *G*. Count me in. While gift and charity knitting continues apace (with the "Persimmon Bias Scarf" for the Red Scarf Project currently OTN), I do want to keep some of my work! The current two pairs of socks are MINE, darn it.I also want to tackle a sweater this winter. Maybe two. For me, for the office.


Sweet! Count me in. I'm going to knit a pair of socks for me...finally. The first two pairs I ever knit were gifts.

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