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I love Vera Bradley too! I've got a modest collection. If I lived close to the annual sale, I'd go crazy. As it is, I'm always paying full price, those few times I actually can buy VB.


What a great idea for V -- you've really been on a roll lately with the ABC Along photos, and I love seeing each new post. That said, I'm not super hard on bags but I find that I can only have a Vera for a couple of seasons before it starts to wear too much. I used to get a discount at a country club shop, but now I have to pay full price. New England is a great place to sight VB bags!


OMG. I'm jealous I only have one VB bag.Vera Bradley bags are a common sight in Boston.


Oh my lord I got weak in the knees just looking at it all. You are one lucky girl. I agree that it is much better to buy an expensive bag that lasts than a bunch of cheap ones that have to be thrown out after a few months. But still, you have quite a collection.


I can't decide if you have more or I do. I think maybe you do, but it's close. I at least have sold some of my used stuff, which was lying fallow, on ebay but still, I am one crazed outlet sale shopper, one of these days I'll have to cut back a bit. I now have two bags I paid retail for. a crime. I spread mine out and hide it in bins so it doesn't seem so shameful.


What a great post! I don't have any VB bags myself, but I do see a lot of them where I live, and it looks like they'd make great knitting bags! Does your husband have a lot of cycling gear? Mine's not too bad. I bought him a giant bag for our anniversary and it holds everything.


I gotta tell you I love Vera Bradley bags etc!! You have a fantastic collection like I have never seen before. You could open up your own VB store.LOL I was just looking in a store today at the solid brown one that you have! Love that bag!

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