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Aren't all knitters insomniacs?? When else would we get our knitting time? :)


That is fun - think of it as 8h of quality knitting time!


Even though I'm not suffering from insomnia, I am serisouly considering sleeping very little tonight. Not only are there about 6 loads of laundry waiting to be done, but we suddenly decided to visit my grandparents tomorrow, and I'm not yet done with Grandma's socks. So I guess there is an upside to not being able to sleep: productivity. :-) That said, I do hope you can sleep again soon. Maybe all that wool that's busting out of those tubs will start jumping over an imaginary fence, to help you count sheep. (sorry, that was very silly)


I think maybe yarn has crack in it. Or heroin, perhaps. Today I went to buy one measly skein of yarn to make a gift, and ended up with wool to make a sweater for my kid because the yarn was the exact color of her eyes. How could I resist that??


Four tubs? That's not bad at all.

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