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Have a good trip, and hope the wedding goes well!You've got a lot of knitting to do! :-)


You're brave! Have fun in Colorado!


Oh Jenn...you make me feel so much less guilty about my wip pile! :)


wow, i thought mine was big! not counting things on the needles that will eventually be frogged, i have two pairs of socks: anastasia and waving lace; the simple knitted bodice; a sophie bag; a log cabin square. plus i just swatched for another sweater i am going to design myself and i ordered the yarn for the intolerable cruelty skirt in the new knitty. whew!


Wow! You are even worse than me! I've been making a major effort to be monogamous these days but it's becoming difficult since all I am knitting is garter stitch over and over.


Have a wonderful trip! Your WIP list is so brave...if I had all those things to knit at once, I don't know that I would sleep at night. I can't focus on more than 2-3 at once. But you have a lot of gift knitting too!


Goodness girl! Major WIPs!Hey, I'm just popping around checking Jennifer/Knitter ring code. I can't find yours...Anyway, I'll send it to you again.Oh, and btw, I am in LOVE with Yarns Ewenique. Maybe we should meet up one Thursday night?


wow. that's alot of WIP's...wow.


Have a great trip! And yowza - you have me totally beat in the WIPs. I like that about you.


Alas, my WIP pile has not changed much in the past two months, what with moving and starting a new job and all. But as soon as I have finished at least >one> of the projects that has been on my needles for what seems like forever, I will allow myself to cast on >one> new project. If I ever get myself to an LYS, though, all bets are off.I love all your WIPs and your WITW yarn is making me drool! Hope you had an awesome time in CO, and sorry for not commenting in so long. I missed you!


You are so ready for Socktoberfest!

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