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I don't even watch the weather anymore. When it cools off, it cools off. I'm not going to torture myself hoping the temp falls below 100! Remember when 98 was hot? It's a cold front now. My son came home from elementary school and said, "They threw us out there at recess like we were nothing! It was hot outside!" I told him he could go to study hall and work on his homework since it was so hot outside and he declined!I'm still praying for cool weather though!


Lovely, lovely yarny goodness! I hope it cools down enough for you to knit!


I'm with you on the lack of interst in wool right now. Thankfully, the the heat hasn't been as bad here in Houston, but we're all on high alert this time of year for storms in the Gulf. Thank God for teachers that keep the students in on super hot days. You see them running around when it's that hot and have to wonder if they're ok.


trekking trekking trekking...i have trekking on the brain every time i read your blog, and others. jeez! subliminal trekking obsession going on with me. i think my LYS has some. i think i'll be hopping on down there to buy some. because apparently, i'm missing out on the trekking. ;Pit's nice, isn't it? having so much yarn that you have no idea what to do with yourself? yeahhhhh....i like that feeling :)


Pretty, pretty yarn! You have my sympathy on the heat. I've been looking forward to fall and it's only been in the low 80s here.


Lovely yarn! I hope that it cools off for you soon!

Longhorn Diva

Oooh, I found the Ella Rae, too! I am making the felted bird hangy-thingy from the book. ...okay, that made no sense, but the colors are lovely, and I've had a glass of wine. But the Ella Rae is some lovely wool to work with! Have Fun!...and let's just not talk about the heat.Oooh! I finally made it to Yarns Ewenique sit 'n knit! I hope you come next time!


Gorgeous yarns!!I am sending icy cold thoughts your way...


Ugh. I have to run around San Antonio in camoflague next week. It will be horrid!

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