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Longhorn Diva

Yep...picot topped socks, but then you already know my bias there. They are just far more satisfying. And Knitty Gritty? Not so much, I'm afraid. I find the fun-fur/elastic yarn quotient to be far higher than anything I might actually be caught dead wearing, let alone knitting. Sigh...wish I could like it more.And adorable sheep! Very nice.


How cute is that little lambie???? So adorable. :)


Your lambie is adorable! I agree on the plain socks with the picot edge. The yarn looks perfect for that.


that yarn looks like it might stripe, so i think the ribbles would be obscured. i'd do plain with picots too.


How cute is that sheep!Very pretty yarn! I agree, plain with picot edge.


I love that sheep!


oh soooooo cute!!!! better than any store boughten shepes


What a cute sheep!I would do plain socks, I'm not fan of the picot edging, but that's just who I am. It would look cute though with the picot.


SO cute...and I just looked at Scout's hedgehogs too. I'm on cute overload!


What a cute lambie! :) You could always make an upsized round-bottom bag with the yarn to show it off-- like the one in One Skein or Magknits' "amulet" bag... but I like picot socks :) Maybe a simple lace panel-- I used a chart from "adventures with a desi knitter" for a cloverleaf eyelet pattern-- http://desiknitter.typepad.com/Cloverleafsockspattern.pdf (PDF!) that you could downsize into your yarn and easily insert as well.


What about the Whidbey Island socks from Knitting on the Road?

Little Jezzie

That sheep is one of the cutest handknit stuffed animals I have seen! And even though you say you made a few mistakes, it is still totally adorable!


cute little sheepie. and i vote socks. a nice picot cuff will do just the trick!


Of course......if I can remember what I did! lol


Love your sheep! He's so cute. I'll vote for the picot edge as well, should look really nice with that lovely yarn.

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