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What's the yarn second from the right? That colorway is gorgeous!

knit chick

I forgot to tell you what the yarns were that I put in the sock blocker kit. In case you were wondering, it's all Lorna's Laces Sock yarn in Vera, Ravenswood & Child's Play.Glad you liked all the little gifts. I had so much fun putting it all together for you!


Happy Belated Birthday!That is alot of beauty! Coin toss?


Happy belated birthday! I don't think I could choose what to work on next. Everything looks so lovely!


Oh that is some great loot you've got there!!!! To answer your question - no doubt in my mind I would knit one of the STR first - I've been DYING for that yarn forever. I actually finally broke down and ordered two skeins yesterday - I'll be stalking the mailman for sure. :)


What a gorgeous pile of sock yarn! I'd probably just roll around in it for a while and then buy a bunch more needles and start several projects at once. ;) I'm glad you like your sock kit. I had a lot of fun putting it together, especially making the bag. (I had to make one for me too!)


I, too, would be paralyzed by indecision! Happy Birthday week - mine is just beginning!


I'd put them all in a bag and chose without looking--you can't lose--they're all FABU!


Wow! I would have a hard time deciding, too. I think I would assign each skein a number based on that picture, then go to a random number generator...

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