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All your projects are coming along so nicely. I love the socks - I didn't know Knit Picks was discontinuing that yarn? The whole Sock Garden line or just that color? Waaaaa. I do the same thing that you do - when I get something nice I don't want to used it. Bath & Body works stuff and Yankee Candles will stay forever because I don't want to use them. I guess it is silly, huh?


I'm a varigated + lace sinner too. So of course I think your socks look great! You have a color theme going on with all of your knitting.


Your ribbed socks look fantastic!! I'm guilty of the exact same thing... I "save" all my nice stuff and all it does is collect dust. The DH never understands my mentality, so I'm glad to know I'm not the only one! ;-) I'm going to follow you, though, and start using the stuff I've been loving and "saving." You're so right- life's too short- we deserve to "waste" nice stuff!! Pomatomus is looking GORGEOUS.. I love the way that colorway is working up with the pattern. Keeping my fingers crossed for you about the zipper.. take care, Jenn! :-)


I've been meaning to buy sock yarn from knitpicks too. Maybe if enough people complain, they'll change their mind.


OMG I had no idea you had flown into Hartford! If I had known, I could have driven up there to keep you company--it's only about a half an hour from my house. Love your Pomatomus!


Pomatomus is so gorgeous. I need some. I need some more sock yarn. You are a bad influence.


I bought a bunch of the discontinued colors, they should be getting here any day now. It looks like they are combining their 100% wool lines into one line just called Memories, and have discontinued a bunch of colors, but have added a couple new ones also.

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