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First of all, Happy Happy for you and your girly! She's got some big feet!I give him until this Sunday at 10:00am because I think he'll need something out of there.And I'm totally loving WordPress. I got my own domain and installed WP. Sometimes it takes a little bit to load but it's MUCH more reliable than stupid blogger.


I have a husband with this inclination as well - I predict he'll last until Tuesday the 28th of March. Of course, I don't know when he'll run out of clean socks ;-)


Happy Birthday to The Girl!! What a cutie! It's so cute that she wants to knit sweaters for everyone- that must be some skein of yarn! I need to find out where she shops. ;-) Sounds like you had an awesome time in Boston! I'm so envious that you got to go to the Eric Carle museum. I know it sounds super-dorky, but I saw part of his place on Mr. Rogers (I swear I was watching with the kids!) and it looked really neat. The Producers, too! Double envious! Hmm, I'll say that it'll take the DH till next week Saturday, 4/1 to unpack. ;-) Take care, Jenn! :-)


The question is, does he sit in that chair when he has down-time? Because that would move him to, well, move the stuff. I will go with Saturday (3/25), sometime around noonish, because he might want to veg a little right around that time. Your trip sounds like it was so fun! Boston (and New England in general) rocks and I dream of moving there.


Sounds like a fun vacation, I love the picture with the ducks.I predict 4/5... I know it's way out there. Lol.


I think Scout is right...Sunday morning...I love seeing vacation pictures, thanks for sharing!


trek checks in for Wednesday, 29 March at approximately 7:43pm.


Knowing the man as I do and the fact that he is not above wearing dirty socks or sitting on the floor to avoid what might be thought of as a "chore", I vote for tax day, April 15th, because by then you'll have had enough and will do it yourself :)


The T shirt is great :)As to teh luggage dilemma; well one usually takes more for a two week trip then a week long one so I would think (unless reading in a comfy chair is important) that it will take twice as long. 4 weeks(yikes I lived with someone like that)would be April 14th.I love literary vactions. Makes the books and the authors seem that much more real.***CV

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