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oOoh! Loving the flowers. :) very pretty!I'm not one for pantyhose, either. Try as I might, I always end up with a run in them. Good luck with your interviews! That was always a difficult thing for me. I'd go in pretty confident, but afterward, I'd pore over everything I said and think "omg, what if they think I'm [insert insecurity here] because I said this and I don't get the job!?" It's good that you're not nervous, but it's also good to have some rehearsed default answers. :)Finish that sweater! I *heart* the colors! Oh, and your contest prize yarn will be sent out Priority Mail today so you should get it within the week or Monday. Yay! Free yarn in the mail! Hee.


Beautiful bulbs!!!Darn - it's torture to go into Target and not look at the cute things! Why do they have to have all the cute things?


It's spring on your blog anyway! Good luck with all you have on your plate;-)


Good luck with the interviews! I've done that sort of "speed interview" thing. It's kind of weird but goes fast.I think I'm with you on the spending during April. No money here either. Damn you Target! Damn you and your adorable Spring products! :(

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