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The sheepy cookie looks almost too good to eat. Good thing you took a picture for posterity.


Love the Ribby! Great color combo & it really fits well. Hmmmm....sheepy cookie....hmmmmm....


It looks great! E-mail Bonne-Marie for her gallery. She loves getting pics!

Vicki Knitorious

Isn't it fab when you get a sweater that you love in the end??? And it looks GREAT, too? Wonderful job, Jenn!Did you sew both sides of the zipper in the same direction? That's what Claudia recommends -- she's put in a few zippers and she posted a step-by-step not too long ago (or has one somewhere... you know how it is!).


Wonderful Ribby! It fits so well and the colors are great!


Oooh, that sweater is so yummy! I want one! That might have to go on my fall to-knit list. I'm not going to make the Sock-a-Month deadline this month either. Oh well. :)


Wonderful Ribby - I will say that I think it might be better to sew in your zipper by hand (using sewing thread, of course) -- you have lots more control that way, though it takes longer. Then you can fit your zipper tapes & your sweater together so that they ARE the same length on each side, even if you're fudging. This is just my preference though -- I don't look at the picture of your sweater and have any thoughts that you ought to be doing something different.


Your cardi looks great, I love the color combination.

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