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Oh my goodness, I LOVE how the pirate hat came out!!! And the mittens look really cozy, too. By the way, you do know that I live on the way between Boston and NYC, don't you? *hint hint*


Wow - you've been busy busy busy! You'll definitely need the hat up here - the high today was 25 degrees - chilly!And I live between Boston and NYC, too. . .


Great job on all of it!


I am Texan too. I often have wintery vacation destinations in mind when I knit--although we are currently in need of hats and mitts tight here at home today.


ok, please don't wear those mittens and that (not the pirates) hat at the same time.... pretty mittens..... crazy hats. thought you didn't like the cold.....


You turn around, and people have 14 FO's!! You've been busy. Every single one turned out perfect! You will be well prepared for Boston chillies!


gotta love the finished objects. I have so many almost finished objects just lurking in my room that it's killing me.Love the colors you used for everything.


Your hat turned out so AWESOME!! LOVE it!!! Those skulls look fantastic and you did such an amazing job with the fair isle. I bet it must feel so luxurious, too in the DB Baby Cashmerino. The mittens look wonderful and I'm so envious of your Brook Farm hat and yarn! So beautiful. I recently cast-on for Ribby, too, so I can't wait to see your progress pics!! You are the FO QUEEN, Jenn! ;-) Take care!


Pack some shorts too, the weather up here has been wacky, in 3 weeks we could be going to the beach. I'll be happy to provide some Boston pointers - what to you want to shop for?


GOOD JOB ON THE HAT!! sorry it took me so long to post. :)

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