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Your babies are SO cute!! I love the pics of them curled up on the couch. I'm so glad you adopted Rocky... everytime I go to pet stores or the Humane Society, I feel a sick lump in my throat when I look at the older animals, because I know their chances of being adopted are slim...and we all know their cruel fate after that. And I'm so glad that Rocky has companions now!! They look like quite the threesome. ;-) Take care and have a great weekend, Jenn! :-)


they're all adorable. i'm also glad you adpoted rocky! i would love an older dog at some point. also, when my house is larger. thanks for sharing!


Awww - so cute! My four legged children are driving me bonkers lately. Luca had something stuck up his nose yesterday so he spent half the day snorting and honking in a most alarming way!

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