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Anouk is crazy gorgeous!! Congratulations to your friend- she's going to have so much fun dressing up her little one in that beautiful knit. Your Jaywalker looks fantastic, too!! LOVE the reds. That's so lame about Einstein's- why advertise that they'll send the scarves if they won't?? And ugh, the SFSE monster...it just never ends, huh? Take care and awesome job on the beautiful knits! :-)


Anouk is really beautiful. I hope you will get some pictures of it in use! SFSE - I swear that only makes me want to go over to my blog and put a link to the SnB books in every single post I ever write!


Holy guacamole! That Anouk is too cute. But it's the Jaywalkers that really capture the imagination. I LOVE the red. Must have red socks. Even though I really don't have any red clothes. Maybe I should change that.


What a wonderful little baby dress, and the socks are great too!

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